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Achagour Fisheries 

IV12 5UY


Stewart 01309 651259  or  07749261230;

Cindy 07835025833;  Emma 07849374821




For an exciting fishing experience, welcome to Achagour Fishery, a series of man-made lochs extending to some 7 hectares with a depth of between 10 and 14 feet at their deepest points. They are fed by the Red Burn which flows through them, bringing with it all the nutrients required to provide the perfect habitat for both Brown, Blue, and Rainbow Trout, with which they are stocked. Although relatively new, they are already attracting numerous species of water birds which are taking advantage of the new habitat, and, in time, it is hoped that the lochs will become a wildlife haven.  The area has been extensively landscaped and a continued program of sympathetic planting is planned. The lochs are open all year on a catch-and-release basis, with a 4-bag per rod/session available at extra cost.  The lower lochs are fly-only.


A Holiday Cottage is also available to rent - please telephone the Fishery number for details


Dornoch Lochans

IV25 3RW


Lochs Laoigh ('Lee') and Loch Lannsaidh ('Lounsey') are not far from Dornoch, and are both stocked in addition to the natural supply - Lannsaidh with rainbows and Laoigh with brown trout. Both lochs have car access (not tarmac) close to the lochside and have boathouses suitable for picnic lunches, etc. Bank fishing is also permitted.


The Dornoch Lochans (tel 01862 810600) also stock Rainbow trout and offer the fly fishers a chance to their skill with floating or sinking lines, dry or wet flies. Bait fishing on the two inner lochans gives everyone including the novice the chance to land a table-sized fish. 



All permits are available from The Wee Spar, Castle Street 01862 810668 who can supply a booklet (£3.00) to help you get the most from your fishing experience. All the loch fishing is by fly only and bag limits of four fish pertain to the stocked lochs. Further information from the secretary Tim Nixon or call 01862 810973 (R Dickenson - Treasurer)


Harpdale Fishery Park     

KW12 6UL


Contact George Sutherland on 01847 831344


Harpsdale Fishery Park, the most northerly Stillwater in Scotland, is situated approximately 10 miles south of Thurso. 

It has been developed over several years from an existing marsh and is constantly fed by a small Burn, this along with the depth of the pools provides an excellent habitat for the stock.

The park is approximately 4.5 acres in size and divided into two pools, with some small islands linked together by bridges. There are two different pools, the North Pool and the South Pool.


Loch Achilty Trout Fishery 
Roefield House

IV14 9EG

Tel: 01997 421245


Loch Achilty is a small picturesque loch set within sloping birch and oakwoods, not far from Contin. At the far end of the loch is a charming pebble beach with quiet picnic places hidden amongst the silver birch, rowan, and heather. In summer, wildflowers bloom and butterflies flit. In autumn the brilliant colours of turning birch and oak leaves are reflected in the calm waters of the loch.


The loch is a 100–acre loch that is well stocked with brown, rainbow, brook, and Orrin blue trout, also arctic charr. Nine boats are available. Here you go out on the loch in a boat and practice your fly–fishing skills.

It lies between Loch Garve to the north and Loch Achonachie to the south, about three miles west of Strathpeffer and about 21 miles north of Inverness on the A835.

This loch is well known for good fishing and is stocked with trout for fly fishing from boats. It is therefore popular for fly fishermen visiting Scotland.


Tarvie Lochs
By Strathpeffer

IV14 9EJ


Tel:  01997 421250



Three natural lochs set in beautiful scenery amidst the hills approximately midway between the villages of Contin and Garve.


Although the setting appears remote it is very accessible by car, being only about half a mile off the Inverness to Ullapool road (A835). A car park is provided at the Fishery.

The area abounds with animal and bird life and fishing for Rainbows continues throughout the year.

Loch an Eich Bhain:- 25 acres of boat fishing only. Stocked with Rainbow Trout up to 20lbs and Brown Trout up to 6lbs for fly fishing only. Blues up to 6 lbs. Adjacent car park and very easy approach.

Loch Ruith a Phuill:- 12 acres of bank fishing only. Stocked with Brown and Rainbow Trout and Blues. Both fly and coarse fishing tackle are allowed. Car park on road followed by an approx. 200-yard walk.

Loch a Chlaran:- 7 acres of boat and fly fishing only. Stocked with Brown Trout up to 6 lbs. This entails a 20-minute walk to Lochside. Fishing is available on this loch from 1st May - 6th October.


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